May 26, 2024, 1:46 am

4 infected with coronavirus in Rangamati

NEWS DESK: Four persons including an infant were infected with coronavirus in Rangamati on Wednesday.

Among the four, 3 were male and another one a woman. They are inhabitants of Rangamati district town.

Md. Ishak,50 and Kamrun Nahar,35, from sadar hospital area, Sourav Barua,19 from Devashisnagar  and a nine months old baby Md. Hossain from Reserve Bazar area.

Contacted, civil surgeon in Rangamati Dr. Parach Khisa informed the local pressmen about the infected persons. He said, they all are staying in their respective homes and they are still quite well.

They have been asked to stay at their respective homes until full recovery and receiving treatment.

After receiving four reports from Bangladesh Institute of Tropical Infectious Diseases (BITID), the civil surgeon disclosed about it.

Samples of four persons were sent to BITID on April 29, said Shokat Akbar, residential medical officer in Rangamati general hospital.