February 26, 2024, 7:09 pm

Services of police must be taken at doorsteps of common people Says SP in a ‘Beat Policing’ meeting in Rangamati


Services of police must be taken at doorsteps of the mass people
for the interest of ensuring smooth law and order in the society as
well as establishing rule of law in the country. Every member of
our police force has to be worked with humanity, sincerity and
integrity in this regard. There were wrong and negative ideas about
our police from the beginning and for this reason the people fear
and feel hesitation to come to our police stations for legal aid. So,
our police no longer wants to go ahead with these problems and
now are determined to provide quicker and better services to the
justice seekers. It’s possible through decentralisation of the service
through ‘Beat Policing’ at district, uapzila, union and ward level.
Superintendent of police in Rangamati Md. Alamgir Kabir here on
Saturday said this while addressing a view exchange meeting on
the eve of coming ‘Durga Puja and Beat Policing’.
District Police organised the meeting at hall room of Police Pallwel
Park in the town. Chaired by SP, the meeting was also attended, by
additional SP Md. Sufi Ullah (admin and crime), additional SP
(sadar circle) Tapas Rangoon Ghosh, Puja Udjapan Parishad leaders
Amar Dey and Badal Kanti Dey.
Under the ‘Beat Policing’ activity, a beat officer (sub-inspector)
will be in-charged in every ward at municipal and union areas.
Concerned beat officer has to be dealt with all kinds of criminal
activities in maintaining law and order in his jurisdiction.
Activities of a ‘Beat Officer’ will be holding interaction and

keeping smooth relation with people, counseling, preparation of
area map, making lists of criminals and crimes, important persons,
newly built structures, expatriates, new comers or strangers,
caretakers, collection of secret information about various crimes
and sending of monthly report to the higher authority. Maintaining
utmost transparency will be the first and foremost duty for every
Officer in-charge (OC) of police stations can play conducive role
to pave the way for properly implementation of programme. In
each month the OCs must hold meeting with the beat officers for
better functioning of police service.
SP said that ‘Beat Policing’ system will make so easy in the case
of availing legal aid by the common people. In this process, people
can filed their allegations to the beat officers in their respective
areas, and they don’t need to come to the police stations, pointed
out SP.
He urged all concerned to come forward with positive attitudes to
assist the police for the greater interest.
Besides, police beat officers, union parishad chairmen, members,
traditional leaders—headmen and karbaries, poura councilors and
local journalists were present and shared their opinions.