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Students want headmistress to quit for ‘corruption’

MOLLY BARUA, Bandarban: A large number of students including guardians formed a human chain at Bakichhara area on Sunday morning demanding removal of the headmistress of Bakichhara Government Primary School of Bandarban sadar upazilla for her involvement in alleged corruption and irregularities.

At the human chain, guardians and students mentioned corruption and irregularities of headmistress Hosne Ara Begum.

Those including misuse of Tk 30 thousand from School Learning Improvement Plan (SLIP) project through false bill and voucher, using the students to break bricks and also to rob bricks avoiding classes.

She has continued committing corruption and irregularities in the school for long, much to the disturbance of its academic activities,” said Cha Sing Nu Marma, guardian of a student of the school.

Urmilla Tangchyanga, a class four student of the school said “We, the students paid hundred taka each to our headmistress to go picnic but she embezzled the picnic money”.  

“We had  avoided classes many times as she forced us to break bricks and even sometimes she pressured us to rob bricks from the road sight”, said U Ba Ching Marma, a class five student of the school.

They demanded removal of the ‘corrupt’ headmistress.

Contacted, Hosne Ara Begum, headmistress of the school, denied the allegations and said it was a conspiracy against her.