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“Raj Punyah” fest begins on Dec 18 in Bandarban

CHTJ Desk: Three day long traditional “Raj Punyah” festival will begin on December 18 in Bandarban.

Chief of Bomang Circle, U Chaw Prue on Monday in a press conference announced the programme at Rajbari in the town.

The 139th royal event is organised to collect annual Jhum taxes from the Jhum farmers and those deposited in the fund created by the royal family.

Every year some 109 headmen (mouzas Chief) from 109 mouzas and Karbaries (para chief) are provide taxes and gifts to the Bomang Chief through “Raj Punyah” festival.

Centering realisation of tax from the jhum farmer, the royal event has been organising by the royal authority since time immemorial in the Bomang Kingdom.  

The 17th king of the Bomang Circle, U Chaw Prue, will inaugurate the programme. Tourism Minister, Rashed Khan Menon is expected to join in the event as the chief guest while Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing, state minister for CHT affairs ministry will be the special guest.

Eldest son of the royal family Chaw Halh Prue Zimi, Mong Nu Prue and headmen Mongathaoi Ching were present during the press conference.

In the press conference, the Bomang Chief informed the journalists that he has a plan to construct Rajbari House (royal palace) on eight acres of land owned by Bomang authority.

“The land in my name and which has leased out to the government under the municipal areas has no boundary demarcation. So that it’s not possible to build the Rajbari right now,” said U Chaw Prue.

He also informed the pressmen that some quarters threatened Bomang authority to foil the “Raj Punyah” programme. He, however, did not mention names of any of the culprits. (chtj-desk/report)