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CHTDB Tender Scam, afterward transfer

Conceal tender Tk 5 crores leak out sparks protest in Rangamati

CHTJDesk: Common contractors enlisted in the Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Board (CHTDB) recently brought out a procession in the town and held a protest rally at the premises of CHTDB office, protesting the ongoing process of a ‘Conceal Tender’ worth Tk 5 crores which allegedly maintained by a seven-member syndicate. 

The tender scam came to the light when the general contractors were failed to purchase schedules documents after they had received a copy of the tender notice secretly, and subsequently they went on protest after failing to participate in the tender.

They also sent a memorandum to the state minister for CHT affairs ministry demanding removal of three officials in the CHTDB---vice chairman Tarun Kanti Ghosh, executive engineer Sahabuddin and sub-assistant engineer (electrical) Mihir Kanti Chakma for their alleged involvement in the illegal process and wrong doings.

The trios---Tarun, Sahabuddin and Mihir---are the members of the syndicate, and they have been controlling all conceal tenders activities under the so-called ‘Seven Star Recreation Club’ for long in the board, alleged contractors.  

In the memo, they also sought immediate action against the others four syndicate members (contractors)---Md. Mesbah Uddin, Swapan Mohajan, Md. Azam and Liton Mohajan.

“Mesbah Uddin is a consulting engineer and he was appointed by the CHTDB authority. Being a consultant he can not involved in tender works. But he himself involved in almost all tenders works in the board, using his few farms namely Structural Engineer, Mesbah Enterprise and Mesbah Construction,” claimed Moyeen Uddin Selim, proprietor of M/S Altra Enterprise.

In the name of seven star club, the syndicate members are every time manipulating tenders under the leadership of three officials in the board. They trios are being favoured to its four members, awarding them all works of development projects, claimed Moyeen. 

Engineering section in the board invited a secret tender of twenty-three group works (no-1(3)-2014-2015) of Tk 5 crore in a bid to award the works to its syndicate contractors.

“But no one common contractor could buy single schedules as the authority denied about the tender process. Some staffs of engineering section pushed me out of the office room when I asked them for schedule,” said Iftekharul Alam, owners of M/S Frame Makers.   

Demanding removal of the three officials, contractor Udoyan Barua said the trios is directly involved in tender manipulation. Such illegal practice could not be stop until or unless removal of three officials, said Udayon, adding that after calling three to four tenders in opening tender method (OTM), the rest two-third tenders were called secretly, depriving the general contractors from open bidding contest.

The works of Rangamati public college of Tk 8 crores, construction of CHTDB vice chairman’s residence Tk 5 crores and Regional Council Office Tk 3 crores and construction of RCC road of Tk 3 crores in Bilaichhari upazila---were awarded to the Swapan Mohajan syndicate last month, claimed the agitated contractors.

Works of all development schemes of Tk 50 crores were given to the same syndicate members last year, they add.      

They also demanded immediate inquiry into the tender scam and removal the officials involved in it. Otherwise, they will go for tougher agitation.

Transfer: After massive reports on news papers, the authority of CHTDB transferred the executive engineer Shahabuddin to Khagrachhari and sub-assistant engineer (electrical) Mihir Kanti Chakma in his genuen post in the board.