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Training on ANC, PNC and ENC

Govt’s massive initiatives improve health of mother, child---Nikhil Kumar

CHTJ Desk: The current government has under taken massive initiatives in a view to improve the health of mothers and new born babies. To paving the way for make it success; an extensive awareness campaign has to be increased. Main goal of the training is to ensured smooth health care to the mothers during pregnancy period and thus we could ensure safe delivery which is ultimately helped to reduce the mother and infant mortality rates.

The number of mother and child mortality rate among the marginalised people in hills will come down at zero level if the trainees could be utilised their skilled appropriately after the training.

Nikhil Kumar Chakma, chairman of Rangamati Hill District Council, said this while addressing a training programme as the chief guest.

With support from Canadian International Development Corporation (CIDA), UNFPA in the district civil surgeon office organised the three-day-long training at the conference room of RHDC in the town.

Chaired by Dr. Sneh Kanti Chakma, civil surgeon, the training, was also attended, among others, by Begum Shahan Waz, deputy director of Family Planning, UNFPA representative DR. Helen Chakma, Dr. Rawnak Jahan, Dr. Lenin Talukder and Shawkat Akbar Khan.

Referring the millennium development goal (MDG), Nikhil said points of MDG-4 and 5 are directly related to the mother and child health care. Hence, it will be helpful for achieving the MDG if we ensured safe motherhood and proper care of newborn babies.

The training was organised for the field level staffs of health and family planning services on ANC, PNC and ENC.

Senior staff nurses, SACMO, CSBA CHCP and family welfare visitors were the participants in the three-day long training. It was started on March 14.