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73 MNP members to surrender to army today at Alikadam

SHANTIMOY CHAKMA: Some 73 armed members of long time sensational Mro National Party (MNP) will surrender to the army at Alikadam upazila in Bandarban today through formal programme.

State Minister for CHT affairs ministry, Bir Bahadur Ushwe SingMP, will attend in the programme as the chief guest. The rpogramme will held at Kuruppata army camp in the upazila, sources said from intelligent agencies.

A list of 73 MNP members has been finalised for surrender, bringing an end of decades-long guerrilla life. Another list of arms, ammunitions and others equipments has prepared for the same reason.

Amongst the listed arms and ammunitions---30 are local made guns, 6 rifles, huge live bullets and others equipments, sources said.

MNP was first debut it organisation in 2011 in Alikadam in Bandarban. It was formed with the young people of Mro community. Since then their members involved in terrorist activities like killing, abduction and extortion in the upazila and set up their den at Poyamuhuri area in the deep forest.

Many leaders of the organisation including Thonya Mro in Gojalia union in Lama upazila, Moishya Mro in MongHlapara and Kaiwai Mro, am She Prue Mro in Luleng Headmenpara, Tanglai Mro in Saroi union and Kawai Mro in Fatesingpara in the upazila are involved in terrorist acts within the MNP. However, the sources could not confirm about the surrender of all those leaders.

The joint forces comprising army in a recent combing operation at different areas in the upazila subdued the members of MNP. Moreover, the organisation has become weakened after killing of many members due to a severe internal conflict. In this situation, local leaders and security personnel have taken an initiative to compel them to surrender for a long time.

A huge numbers of MNP members are going to arms surrender today in the programme from Alikadam and Thanchi upazilas.

After capturing Menoching Mro, chief of MNP by the security members in 2012, the then a union parishad member named Pale Mro took the charge of the party. In that year Men Rung Mro was killed by his rival group whereas Pale Mro was gunned down by his rival same year.

A dialogue was held on October 16 at Alikadam zone about the surrender of MNP men. Lt Col Mizanur Rahman and councilor of Bandarban Hill District Council (BHDC) Aung Prue Mro and Mangsai Prue and UP Chairman of Suyaok union Ranglai Mro were present in that meeting.

Bakuli Marma, vice chairman of Thanchi Upazila, said we are going to a process for surrender of MNP members for long time. Obviously it’s a good initiative. I am very hopeful that the derailed and disgruntled youths will return their normal life. (chtj-desk report/Bandar)