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PCJSS reiterate demand for full execution of peace deal

CHT Desk: Leaders of Partbaty Chattagram Jana Sanghati Samity (PCJSS) have reiterated their demand for fully implementation of the historic Chittagong Hill Tracts peace accord.

In a memorial meeting organised on the occasion of 32nd death anniversary of founder of PCJSS Manabendra Narayan Larma (MN Larma) held at district Shilpakoca Academy on Tuesday.

Lawmaker of Rangamati Constituency Ushatan TalukderMP was the chief guest while president of PCJSS, Rangamati district unit Subarna Chakma in the chaired.

Ushatan in his speech said it is possible to execute the deal fully if the government has political goodwill.

The accord is not implementing due to a deep conspiracy by the vested quarters, he said.

Eighteen years have elapsed after the inking of the deal, but it has not got fully implemented so far. About fully execution of the agreement, there were many pledges and assurances from the government’s side. In reality we could find nothing sincerity within the government, said Ushatan.

He said there are some obstacles in the way to proper execution of the accord including the current government, continuous conspiracy hatched by reactionary forces and fundamentalist extremist groups.

We have done the accord after twenty years of armed fighting so that the treaty must be implemented by tackling all sorts of ill plots. Henceforth, the dream of MN Larma will come true, he asserted.

Not taking any step to fully implementing the accord, rather the government forcibly is going to implement the project of Rangamati Science and Technology University and Medical College in hills by ignoring the demand of the jumma people. Though the government said most of the deal has implemented. But in reality it is not true totally.

Despite a strong opposition against the set up of two institutions from the PCJSS, the academic activities was launched by the government in the technology university, he lamented.

He said the defector and reactionary forces brutally killed the MN Larma merely to fulfill their interest in collusion with the foreign agent to stop the movement of the jumma people. Today’s those who carrying out destructive acts in hills they are the killers of MN Larma. Now they are doing terrorist activities in the region, he added. Leaders and activists of PCJSS and front organisations gave floral wreathe at the portrait of MN Larma at Shilapakola Academy premises. Moreover, people from all walks of life paid their homage to the MNLarma offering flowers in his portrait.

Earlier, a mourning rally named “Provat Ferry” was brought out in the morning from New Market area to Shilpakola Academy on the occasion. MN Larma was assassinated by the members of Priti Kanti Chakma’s group (Priti group) on this day in 1983. Madhabi Lata Chakma, member of CHT Regional Council and Bijoy Keton Chakma, convenor of MN Larma Memorial Foundation, spoke among others. (chtj-desk/report).