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Brishaketu Chakma was floating flowers with Tripura people

CHTJ Desk: The entire Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) wore festive look as the three-day-long traditional 'Bizu' festival of the indigenous communities, has begun on Sunday with great enthusiasm and festivity. The festival is still being celebrated by the indiegnous people in hills.

The indigenous people in three hill districts of Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagracchari are celebrating the biggest festival amid preparation of different food items to feed the guests.

On the occasion, during first day of ‘Ful Bizu’ Celebration Committee for Bizu, Sangrain, Boisuk, Bishu and Bihu formally floated flowers today (Sunday) at The Rajban Viharaghat in the town where Ushatan TalukderMP was the chief guest.

Prakriti Ranjan Chakma, convenor of the committee, and Bijoy Keton Chakma were also present during the event.

On the other hand, Tripura Kalyan Foundation organised a same event at Gorjantoli in the town. Brishaketu Chakma, chairman of Rangamati Hill District Council, attended the programme as the chief guest. 

Basically, it celebrates for three days, including two days of the old year and first day of the Bangla New Year.

The second day ‘Mul Bizu’, indigenous people prepares ‘Pachan’ a kind of mixed vegetable curry to feed the guests. The ‘Panchan’ is very popular for them.


Moreover, they also make various types of indigenous pithas (cakes) and sweetmeats. They also specially prepared Do-choani, Hanji and Jaghora, locally made liquor. Starting from adult, the youngsters’ are drink it and they enjoy it in groups from one house to another.

 In the third day "Gojjya Pojjya Din" the indigenous people go for relaxed in their respective houses and they invite each others to have lunch. They do not do any works and performed religious function at temples. 

However, the Marmas are celebrates the Bengali New Year amid holding of ‘water festival’ where the young boys and girls are sprays water jets to each other.