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NON-EXECUTION OF CHT ACCORD, Existence of jumma people at stake--PCJSS

SHANTIMOY CHAKMA, CHT Journal Desk: THE existence of the ethnic people is at stake now due to complete non implementation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts accord over past more than twenty years. Government kept hanging all of the vital clauses of the accord as like as a radish merely assuring us. The jumma people are alien in their own land and passing days amidst severe insecurity. Our people were spending every single moment under a fear of anxiety if any harassment or torture from the side of law enforcers and security forces.

Ushatan Talukder MP, senior vice president of Parbatya Chattagram Jana Sanghati Samity (PCJSS), said this while addressing a seminar as the chief guest in Rangamati on Sunday.

Rangamati district unit Pahari Chhatra Parishad (PCP), student front of PCJSS, organised the meeting on the occasion of its 20th annual council at the auditorium of Rangamati Small Ethnic Cultural Institute in the town.

Talukder said PCJSS from the behalf of the whole jumma nation agreed with the then Awami League government to sign the deal for the sake of bringing permanent peace in the hilly region. We thought that the rights of ethnic people would be established. Our people will get constitutional recognition as indigenous people and get back right to self-determination.

Unfortunately, we got very little from the government in the last twenty years after signing the agreement on December 2 in 1997, lamented Ushatan.

Warning the government, Ushatan said PCJSS will continue it movement in an undemocratic way if the government is create obstacle in our legal agitation for full scale execution of the accord.

To wiping out the jumma people and destroy our existence the government was being hatched a deep conspiracy. In the name of recovery illegal weapons, the army and law enforces arresting leaders and activists of PCJSS and implicating them with false cases and finally putting our men in jail. Now more than hundreds of cases were filed against our men, claimed Trijinad Chakma, student and youth affairs secretary of PCJSS, district unit.

President of Juba Samity Twin Chakma said aiming at destroying and making the PCJSS politically defaulter, the local AL with an ulterior motive, particularly defeating in coming national election was creating false propagandas against us and brandishing our democratic PCJSS as terrorist organisation.

Central unit general secretary of PCP Sumon Marma said the ruling class has started a new conspiracy to annihilate the ethnic people through cultural aggression. He said oppression and torture on our people continued to unabated by the state machinery that’s why grabbing of land and driving our jumma out from their own land and homesteads is on the rise in hills.

Hill Women’s Federation central body’s member Diba Chakma said killing, repression, rape and sexual harassment against our jumma women and girls by the majority Bangal speaking people and security forces is still at large in CHT. We were being deprived of justice for long and violence against our women is on the rise due to perpetrators go unpunished with the prevailing culture of impunity.

They condemned the attack on the advisor of Chakma Circle queen Yan Yan and Marma sisters and subsequently picked them up allegedly by the members of security forces and law enforcers from Rangamati Sadar hospital on February 15. The administration must give the answer today or tomorrow for that attack and raped of a Marma girl and sexually assaulted her younger sisters by the security men at Orachhari in Farua union under Bialaichhari upazila in Rangamati on February 22.

Rintu Chakma, president of Rangamati district unit PCP in the chair while Kajal Chakma made the welcome address in the programme. (chtj-desk/report)