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AUTONOMOUS DAY OBSERVED, Solution of longstanding problems in CHT not possible without full autonomy---PCP, GTJF, HWF

SHANTIMOY CHAKMA, CHT JOURNAL DESK: Bringing solution of longstanding problems in Chittagong Hill Tracts as well as establishing permanent peace with ensuring racial harmony among the all communities living here is not possible without full autonomy.

If the government once provides autonomy, our indigenous people will get back their all sort of fundamental and basic rights including right to self-determination and constitutional recognition.

The leaders of Pahari Chhatra Parishad (PCP), Gono Tantrik Juba Forum (GTJF) and Hill Women’s Federation (HWF) on Saturday said this while addressing a rally at Kutuchhari Bazars’ compound.

PCP, GTJF and HWF jointly organised the programme to mark the ‘Full Autonomy Day’.

Pahari Gono Parishad, PCP and HWF declared the demand for ‘full autonomy’ for the jumma people in a programme in Dhaka on March 10 in 1997. As per it announcement United People Democratic Front and its front organisations have been observing the day since then.

The government is hatching a deep conspiracy to wipe out jumma people from CHT and destroy our existence, alleged speakers.

They said the government duped with the jumma people by signing the peace accord giving with false commitments. Government, as per it blue print keep torturing on the ethnic people that’s why it forces continuously arresting our leaders and activists after implicating in false cases and putting in jail.

Land grabbing, rape and killing against the jumma people is being taken place in the hilly areas almost every day. Violence against indigenous women and girls is alarmingly increasing day by day due to absent of fair justice and for the culture of impunity in the country, they lamented.

Today we could not do any protest against rape incident and sexual harassment of our women and girls as the law enforcers and security forces put obstacle, alleged leaders.

Chaired by president of GTJF, Dharmo Singh Chakma, the rally was also addressed, among others, by Anil Chakma, secretary of PCP, central body, its district unit president Kumendu Chakma, secretary of CHT Nari Sangha Kajoli Tripura and Doya Sona Chakma, secretary of HWF, Rangamati unit.

Earlier, a procession was taken out at Kutukchhari Bazar area where hundreds of leaders, activists and locals joint in it. (chtj-desk/report).