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Pleasure Football Match

Students vow to build drug free society in Rangamati

CHTJ Desk: Tripura Students Forum (TSF) on Friday vowed to build the society free from drugs and teach the young generation about moralities, human values, and how to respect the superiors and seniors.

They pledged during a final pleasure football match held at Modhyadwip at Garjantoli in the town. The TSF organised the event.

Smriti Bikash Tripura, councilor of RHDC was the chief guest.

President of TSF, Titu Tripura, convenor of the tournament, chaired the function while former secretary of TSF, Shyamol Kanti Tripura, moderated the event.

Smriti Bikash said only sports can be lone weapons to build the young generation free from drug addiction and keep them away from moral degradation. It helped the sportsmen to keep the body sound and discourage to get addiction.

He urged the youngsters to come forward alongside the Tripura students to embed in such an initiative.

Babul Smriti Samsad beat the West Garjantoli by 2-0 and clinched trophy of Tk 3 thousand. The runner up team got Tk 2000 as award. (chtj-desk/report/translated).