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Bangladesh Tourism Board

Amid strong demand from the private sectors and the tourism professionals, the present government, as one of the pre-election pledges to the nation established Bangladesh Tourism Board as the National Tourism Organization of the country. The organization has been established as the Statutory Body by dint of Bangladesh Tourism Board Act-2010 passed in the parliament which was in force from July 18, 2010.

It was felt imperative to have a National Tourism Organization (NTO) in the country over the years which will steward all promotional and development activities for tourism industry.  But for a full-fledged NTO, the responsibility was not properly aligned and identified. Even though Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation was established in 1973, it could not play the role of an NTO as this organization was given the dual responsibility to pioneer and run tourism business installations and services as well as promotional activities since its inception. Currently the organization is running its activities with the revenue it can generate running its hotels, motels and duty free operations.

From early 80’s a comprehensive change happened in the public management of tourism industry. The governments started to release their control and regulation on tourism and encouraged private sector to come in policy planning, development and promotion of tourism. The Government regulatory Authority of Tourism transformed into promotional agency having considerable participation of the private sectors. This change in the management framework of tourism spurred the inward investment to destination development and management.

The NTO on the basis of public and private partnership has become the best practice of tourism management by the government. Even Nepal, having public-private partnership NTO, has been successful in development and promotion of tourism industry. United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) strongly recommends the public-private partnership in tourism management.